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Latest Reviews

Coolerguys Custom Chenming 601
Nexland ISB SOHO Router/Firewall
D-Link DSS-8+ Ethernet Switch
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Mouse Bungee Pro (Page 1 of 2)

Product sample provided by: TheCardCooler
Date posted: 5/21/01


I'm sure all of us have had one of those 2 dollar cloth mouse pads that quickly become a stinking slab of dirty sweat soaked material. Did the nightmare stop here? Of course not, after having used one of these trusty pads for a few months or god forbid, years. Your poor little mouse is in a living hell. Dirt and grime build up on the mouse rollers so quickly that you might as well take it with you into the sandbox. Okay, okay, perhaps I have exaggerated this whole situation, but the fact remains. This terrible state of affairs has led many entrepreneurs to create what is called a PMS, or Precise Mousing Surface. Within the past few months we have seen a number of new offerings pop up around the world. Alrighty, enough with the intro, lets take a look a today's victim.


Some of you may be familiar with TheCardCooler.com, not surprisingly they have a product called the CardCooler. Awhile back we had the pleasure of reviewing their CardCooler XT which was essentially two nice 120mm fans mounted on a metal bracket. Anyways, their site now has wide range of products for sale. Everything ranging from the coolers to cases to mice and pads. I recently got an e-mail from them asking if we would review one of their new products. You guessed it, my answer was yes.

The item itself is a real example of how complicated a mere pad can be. A few years ago I would have never dreamed that a pad for computer mice would ever do this much or be so complex. All right, enough rambling. Anyone remember the Mouse Bungee? As you can see from the pictures and the name, our Mouse Bungee Pro has one built right on.

Whats hot

Ever gotten tired of the logo on your PMS? The Mouse Bungee Pro is made up of a plastic base with a slab of glass that fits nicely inside. As you know, glass is very see through. =) Changing the look of your pad is as easy as cutting a picture to size and placing it beneath the glass. Hows that for cool! In the picture below you can see the plastic base, glass, and two paper sheets that were included. In my opinion the CardCooler insert looks really cool and I have not even made my own to replace it yet.

Whats not

After quite a bit of testing I really feel like sawing the mouse bungee off this awesome pad. I have tried to find some redeeming value in it but I simply cannot. If I find out something later on down the road I will be sure to say so. Heres the deal.

The whole purpose behind the Mouse Bungee is to suspend your mouse cord so that it does not get hung up. I have found that mice with thick stiff cords were actually held back by the bungee! The springs that make up the suspending "arm" actually inhibit the cord movement. Its as if you have someone pulling up on your cord at all times. Not cool. In an effort to be completely fair I dug up my Microsoft basic wheel mouse that has a very flexible cord. This time the bungee worked just as it was supposed to and I could not feel any tension on my movements. However, I could get the same free movement without the bungee attached. So whats the point in having it?

Another problem with the whole bungee device is the weight. When you pick up the Mouse Bungee Pro the added weight of the Mouse Bungee makes the whole thing try to bend. Of course putting the glass back into it brings solidity once again. Now perhaps the weight of the mouse bungee makes significant difference in keeping the pad firmly seated on your desk. But I am thinking that the weight of the glass is more than enough. In light of all these things I have decided that it would be a great idea for the guys at cardcooler to make a version of this pad minus the mouse bungee. Unfortunately I have no idea what they could name it. Perhaps just "Mouse "" Pro" (just kidding). LOL

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